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Our vision for children’s church is to see our children receiving Christ early in their lives and growing in Him and developing an intimate relationship with God through prayer, reading God's word, worship and learning to serve Him.
We involve children in evangelism and church ministry through music, puppets, drama, Scripture memorization and games.
Through being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, the teachers and helpers of the Children's Church will endeavour to teach the WORD OF GOD to the children so that they will have a strong foundation in FAITH and their relationship with God will grow. We nurture and develop their love for God and for each other, as well as for the Scriptures. They also get the opportunity to develop their prayer life. Every new child will be given the opportunity to receive Jesus into their life as their Lord and Saviour.


The bible club is meant for the establishing of biblical truth and principles through teachings, watching christian programming for kids, artwork and music. There is currently only one centre that provides this for all the children of JCC which is Buxton centre and the club meets on saturdays from 2pm to 4pm.


This is JCC's Children choir that began in the late 90's and is still going on to date. The children who join the choir are helped to develop their vocals and be in a position to compose and write their own songs. Their instructors identify and nurture the musical talents of the different kids. The kids gain access to full sound system and instruments to help nurture gifts and talents in music.

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