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Who We Are..

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Jesus Celebration Centre is an International Pentecostal Church with centers in Kenya, United Kingdom and at the States of America respectively. Its main headquarter is located in Bamburi-Mombasa, notably the biggest glass built sanctuary in East Africa estimated to hold a capacity of up to ten thousand people. Under the leadership of our senior pastor Bishop Wilfred Lai, JCC is the fastest growing worship center spreading the gospel to thousands of people across the globe.



Great Commission is the mission of the church Making disciples of all nations i.e looking for faithful men who can be entrusted with kingdom business. 
Committing what we have learnt to faithful men who will commit to others too.
(2 Tim 2:2)


Once a disciple always a disciple. Winning souls becomes a lifestyle.


3 is the number of God, 7 is the number of perfection and Jesus had 12 disciples. David’s army was built on the ranks of 3s and out of the 400 mighty men 3 were chief among others. Jesus had 12 disciples and 3 were chief Peter, John and James. GCC is a small group of 7 to 12 disciples. It begins with 7 and grows to raise 12 disciples where 3 will be chief over the 12. When the 3 chief disciples grow a GCC to 12 more disciples, the GCC becomes mature to reproduce itself to another one. At No time will GCC have more than 15 disciples. Growth to maturity is within 3 months. A healthy GCC can mature twice in 6 months. The three chief have their chief among them also, we call him the captain or Peter, The other two are called John and James who will have other two faithful men under them, a team totaling to 7. Each team of 3 prays together for the harvest and goes out to win disciples as are led by the Spirit of God.

School Of The Spirit

Each week new believers are challenged for their commitment to come to the school of the spirit to be equipped to become disciples. The filter process will filter some in and some out. The ones who pass the test of the filter process will become faithful men to be used of God in the Great Commission. They will be Faithful, Available and Teachable.

Church Planters/ Mentors

Work in 3s, pray for 3 hours daily and go out in the field for 5 hours to win souls. Their lifestyle is nothing else but winning souls. Prayer of 3 hours and field work of 5 hours give them a target of 40 souls every day and 25 souls every week to join school of the spirit. Anything they do less than the requirement will not give them the targets expected. Prayer is the measuring line, disciples are born in prayer and nobody gets bornagain unless the power of the Spirit of God draws him to the saving power to accept Jesus. They Pray daily for the souls won to Christ by name, that is the key for success. Calls the new believers daily within the week to prepare them to come for the school of the spirit and church on Sunday. They keep in touch with the new believers until they bond. They are mentors of the new believers. How best they bond is how best they mentor them to be like them.

GCC In Groups

GCC operates in groups of men, women and youth. Each group forms GCCs and the administrative structure of leadership remains the same, 3 chief and each with two faithful men.


Lives have been touched and transformed. Men, women and young people who were to perish have lived because Jesus touched their lives. People who had no hope like the 400 men who joined themselves to David have been blessed by God. Some have joined various ministries in the church. Marriages have been healed and the great work of God has given the new believers hope to face life and achieve their destiny.


The future of Great Commission Cells is as guaranteed as the coming of Jesus Christ or as the sun that rises from the east and set in the west. The end spoken will come to pass regardless of the forces that try to tear down the movement. The movement knows where the direction to the end spoken is and it will not lose direction. It is just like the waters of the Nile, it knows where to flow and no one can stop it. The city was given and we are taking what was already given by force. The eyes that see the vision will not grow dim till the what was spoken comes to pass.


Home Bible Churches (HBC)

HBC as it's popularly known is the main thrust for growth in JCC
The Church' gathers in small groups of a maximum 15.
HBC’s started way back in 1988 when the church was a humble 300 members and has grown over the years and the impact of HBC is remarkable.
JCC membership is based on HBC where every member of JCC must belong to a HBC. It is the hatchery of leaders.
Weddings and funerals are organised through HBC’s
Evangelism to the community is done through theseHBC’s.




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