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Our Administration

Mama Rita Lai

Operations Director

She oversees and approves all the administrative side of the church and ensure that balance is maintained between the administrative and the ministrial arms. She is the engine that moves our visionaries ideas into fruition.

Caroline von Laffert

Department - Administration

She is tasked with daily Operations of the Ministry, ensuring that the current 4 Center Churches in Mombasa are Managed to the highest beauty and Peace.

Faith Washera Joseph

Department - Finance

Certified in Public Accountants(CPA-K)

Her work is ensuring finance control systems run smoothly throught out the organization and advise the organization where necessary. She works on ensuring statutory and accounting standards are adhered at all times.

Daniel Lai

Department - Information Technology

B. S. in Computer Science.

He handles the software and hardware aspects of the ministry in connection with technology. This also includes overseeing the churches social media and the media presentation during church services on the big screens.

Fredrick Musisia Muia

Department - Catering

Cert. in Hotel Management and Hospitality

He is incharge of planning and organising high catering standards with well balanced diet menus for the ministry, during conferences & events, for our schools and our church restaurant Shechem.


Our Team

We have over 160 saved and spirit filled members in our team dedicated to serving in the ministry in varies departments. Their hard work is what fuels the ministry forward as we continue to grow with every passing year.

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